Sunday, August 30, 2015

The Store

I'd meet her everyday thinking of new things to say
How are you and is everything okay?
I imagine her reply with glee she always replied
Even if her answers would come with a sigh
The store was a getaway 30 minutes all day long
A time I could release to her what's wrong
She listened to me because she wanted not had to
I listened to her because I felt what was true
I'd meet her every day thinking of new jokes to make
Like your hair looks silly oh you're buying that cake?
We never kissed or hugged it wasn't what this was
I didn't need a why or who not even a because
It was just a release to go to the store
30 minutes away from what kept me to the floor
I didn't love her but I loved her company
Am I wrong to think that's all she wanted from me
30 minutes past and I said goodbye
All I had was her store and I left with my lie

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

A Window Shopper For Happiness

They're unsatisfied with it all can't find that inner peace
So when it comes to their dreams they desist and cease
Instead they begin to look in your direction
Judging their lives through you is their obsession
Everything they do they try to do better than you
Because your life is perfect and to them its too true
To them it's a window to a time they can't see from
Waiting for realities that they know they won't see come
Shopping for Happiness without buying the goods
Wish you could see the beauty that I could
But instead you see your flaws and magnify them to the sky
And you're looking at me out of the corner of your eye
To see if I'll ask if you're okay or any thoughts of advice
Though to know if you're struggling they'll pay any price
It's not even the enemy you see that shows up daily
It's the friend that really believes that your joy is their failing
Shopping for Happiness without putting the effort to try
And you're wondering why you're living this lie
There isn't a price on happiness yet you're willing to pay it
If you're not that happy for me why don't you just say it
I wish you can take something from the moral of the scribe
Instead of taking these words back analyzing them with the tribe
Take it for yourself and learn from the words
Stop shopping for Happiness it's free from the birds


It's something we don't have yet we preach it to the sky
It's something we take for granted but lose it if we cry
Faith is a tool for us to follow and take heed
Yet we don't have faith in faith indeed
Seeds get planted with doubt in your mind
Seeds turn to flowers one of a wicked kind
Lose faith in me and you've lost faith in you
Without faith how do you get through what you go through
On a daily basis in different types of cases
I could see the lost faith on all of your faces
I see it in my own and it's hard to describe it
When you don't have it you need it in order to survive it
That's faith in you in me in him and she
It's a faith that the world wishes it could see

Distorted Beauty

There is beauty in the cracks we see in society
There is strength in the weakness I see when you lie to me
If I knew who we were then I knew who we'd try to be
I sigh because I believe in the rights we aspire to see
Yet I pause and cry for what we lost in the fire
To see progression is my only desire
And I digress no less with the vigor of my youth
In my mind to survive it's my mind to the truth
That the little successes can't prevent the mistakes
Though I know that within I'll never forsake
What I've seen and learned through the years
May you never be handcuffed or controlled by fears
I still am in some ways and it follows me for days
I fight it off though so I'm not in a craze
The moral you ask there is beauty to treasure
Even in darkness there is beauty to pleasure

Wednesday, July 10, 2013


Summer summed up in the form of the beach
Sky so colorful I can't help but reach
That moment of peace my mind so clear
Yet filled with images so near and dear
To my heart color red change the rainbow
Blue lighted building where did the rain go
It's a vision of a time that's mine in the sun
A future and a present that I know I'll run
Color of purple like the book and I'll turn the page
Color of green like the money in this golden age
My past my present and my becoming all in my light
So before I see too much and go blind tonight
I close my eyes and let the rays take me in
Knowing I'm forgiven not stirred or shaken
Ultra-violet rays just like this edict says
Ultra-violet rays are the most perfect days

Tuesday, July 9, 2013


Sign on the dotted line sign of the times
Sign of the signs signed in my mind
Cross my I's and dot my T's
Symbolism for me framed on the trees
My Signature of life assigned to the pad
My signature is aligned to the life I had
Sign me up in the ink known as dead red
Sign my life away in the words that I said
Isn't the point to point at the sign in the sky
Signed by you with more tears to cry
I couldn't sign a contract so compact
Knowing I signed it left a feeling abstract
Signed by my heart crossed with my tears
A signature I know would last through the years
So in this a signature is the life line don't pull the cord
Signing what's left over that I know I can't afford

The Road (Part I)

For awhile it was closed couldn't travel this road
Carrying too much baggage too heavy of a load
I guess it was what I could see in my rearview
I never really understood what I was going through
Lost in my ways as I traveled away
Little did I know I'd have nothing to say
Because I remembered it all like it happened again
I had no thoughts and no smiles to send
It hurt me I know it did because I told her in my dreams
The truth about my flaws and marks everything I've seen
Still the road got darker as it was meant to do
In the darkness there's the light of the truth
To be continued as I ride forward in the line of fire
I say damn to myself as I know my heart tires
As the road twists and turns in what was meant to be
To where does this road lead for me